Geometric Design of Launched Bridges

Geometric Design of Launched Bridges

11 pages

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Incremental launching is a versatile construction method with a wide range of applications. A competitive method for rectilinear bridges only? Not at all…! Limited at first to the construction of bridges with simple geometry, this method has been eventually used in bridges of increasing geometric complexity made of prestressed-concrete, steel, and prestressed composite construction with steel corrugated-plate webs.

In 11 pages, the eManual establishes the geometric criteria for bridge launchability and explores the use of the launch cone for the geometric design of launched bridges.

The eManual discusses the general case of conic launch trajectories and explains how simpler deck geometries can be attained by geometric degeneration of the launch cone. The use of elliptical launch trajectories is thoroughly explained, along with the impacts of crossfall transitions and geometry anomalies in the launch nose. Extensive guidance is also provided for the generation of the most appropriate deck geometry via 3D extrusion with AutoCAD and MicroStation.

  • Introduction
  • Launchable lines
  • The launch cone
  • Crossfall transitions
  • Launch nose alignment
  • References

The structure of chapters will guide you through a progressive learning experience for early familiarity and productivity with the use of the launch cone. You will discover launch trajectories for curved bridges that you would never have thought about…! If you are interested in the design and construction of incrementally launched bridges, you should seriously consider this guide.


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