Marco Rosignoli, Dr.Ing., P.E.


A few words to introduce my professional background.

In 37 years of activity as a bridge engineer, I have been working in 21 countries on four continents on the design, design review, construction and forensic engineering of complex bridges and bridge construction machines.

My assignments include 14 cable-stayed bridges, 9 arch bridges, 24 launched bridges, 11 balanced cantilever bridges, 4.9km of bridges cast span-by-span with Movable Scaffolding Systems (MSS), 24.8km of high-speed railway bridges, and 72.8km of precast segmental bridges.

My assignments also include independent design reviews and forensic engineering investigations of 2 self-launching gantries, 6 long-span MSS, 2 span carriers with underbridge, 2 portal cranes, casting facilities for 23 launched bridges, 16 falsework systems and some form travelers.

I have broken out the description of my professional career in to six blocks of assignments:

    You may find additional information on projects and assignments through my books, publications, lectures and LinkedIn profile. For any need for additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.


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