Operations and Maintenance

operations and maintenance

Lifecycle Cost Reduction

Modern bridges are designed with lifecycle cost analysis to minimize the cost of the asset throughout its service life. Structural monitoring, periodic inspections, intelligent transportation systems, planned repairs and long-term maintenance are used to handle the asset.

access systems

Access Systems

State-of-the-art access systems are necessary for proper inspection and maintenance to minimize the lifecycle cost of bridge projects.

inspection engineers and tools

Inspection Engineers and Tools

Service life design per ACI 365.1R-00 and fib Bulletin 34 and proper inspections and maintenance are key factors in minimizing the lifecycle cost of bridge projects.

intelligent transportation systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Information and communication technologies applied to traffic and mobility management enable safer and smarter use of transport networks.

operations and maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

Owners, concessionaires, transportation developers and specialized contractors provide O&M programs that maintain bridge assets in operating condition with minimized lifecycle cost.

owners and concessionaires

Owners and Concessionaires

Owners and concessionaires preserve and maintain large bridge inventories to provide safe, pleasurable and expedient use of transport infrastructure.

repair and retrofitting

Repair and Retrofitting (20)

Repair and retrofitting have a key role in extending the service life and assuring safe and comfortable operations of ageing infrastructure.

structural monitoring systems

Structural Monitoring Systems (31)

Structural monitoring detects changes in material and geometric properties, boundary conditions and system connectivity that may adversely affect bridge performance.


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