Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eManuals Project?

The eManuals Project is a program of adult education in modern bridge design and construction technology.

What does the eManuals Project offer?

The program offers printed books, PDF booklets, design tools, face-to-face courses, and the exclusive articles and free publications of the Bridge Club.

Which information is available for face-to-face education?

The program offers five courses (1 and 2 days) within the ASCE Continuing Education Program and on-demand in the offices of bridge owners, designers and constructors.

Which information is available for on-line education?

The eManuals can be downloaded in PDF format from this website and as Kindle Editions from Amazon. Courses and eManuals provide complimentary access time to the exclusive articles and free publications of the Bridge Club. We are also preparing a 60-hour on-line course of modern bridge design and construction that will be available worldwide in a few months.

The eManuals Project includes courses and eManuals. Should I begin my path through the program with a course or a collection of eManuals?

If you can attend an ASCE course or organize a face-to-face course in your office, we recommend starting with a course and studying the eManuals as further reading after the course. If you can wait till early 2018, our 60-hour on-line course will avoid travel costs for teacher and attendees. Face-to-face and on-line courses provide a wealth of knowledge, learning and insights of modern bridge design and construction technology, while the eManuals explore a specific topic in depth and breadth and are more focused.

If I start with an eManual, which should that manual be?

Many of my readers start the program with Introduction to Mechanized Bridge Construction. The bestselling title of the eManuals Project explores new and emerging bridge technology and modern construction methods, explains the reasons for the industry trend toward mechanized bridge construction, discusses its principles, means and methods, and explores the different types of bridge construction machines and their influence on bridge design and construction.

What is the Bridge Club?

The Bridge Club is a bridge engineering blog reserved for the customers of the eManuals Project. It includes exclusive articles and free publications. Each eManual and course comes with a given complimentary access time to the club.

What level of technical support do you provide along with the eManuals?

Many of my readers communicate with me frequently. For any clarifications or concerns, just let me know.

What should I expect from the project's Newsletter?

The Newsletter keeps the project's customers updated on the availability of new eManuals, courses, articles and free publications. Although its mail list is open to subscribers, the Newsletter is an internal coordination tool of the eManuals Project and is not intended to be a means of communication to general public.

Which information can I receive for free from the eManuals Project?

In special occasions, some articles of the Bridge Club are made accessible to the general public. The eManuals Project, however, is a program of self-education. The value that the eManuals Project will bring to your professional career depends on the dedication, commitment and investment of time and money that you will allocate for this initiative.


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