Marco Rosignoli, DrIng, PE


In 40 years of professional activity, Dr. Rosignoli has worked in 22 countries on 4 continents on the design, design review & optimization, construction, and forensic engineering of complex bridges and bridge construction machines.

His assignments include 9 arch bridges, 1 portal bridge, 24 launched bridges, 11 balanced cantilever bridges, 4.9km of bridges cast span-by-span with movable scaffolding systems, 24.8km of precast high-speed-railway spans, and 72.8km of precast segmental bridges. His assignments also include independent design reviews and forensic engineering services on 2 self-launching gantries, 6 movable scaffolding systems, 2 span carriers with underbridge, the construction means & methods of 23 launched bridges, and some form travelers.

His experience with cable-supported structures (12 cable-stayed and 3 extradosed bridges) encompasses preliminary and final design (design-build and design-bid-build assignments) and construction. He has served as the Design Leader of the Gerald Desmond Bridge (USA) and the Tappan Zee Bridge (USA); the Design Review Leader of the Port Mann Bridge (Canada); the Construction Technical Director of the Milan Palizzi Bridge (Italy), the Wadi-Kouf Bridge (Libya) and the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge (USA); and a Subject-Matter Expert on the Indian River Bridge (USA), the Atlantic Bridge (Panama), the Saint Croix River Bridge (USA) and the Gerald Desmond Bridge (USA).

Dr. Rosignoli has provided subject-matter expert and forensic engineering services to U.S. Departments of Transportation, design firms, bridge constructors, insurance carriers, and law firms. Among many high visibility assignments, he has investigated the collapse of 2 bridge spans, 3 piers and a 165m self-launching gantry in Italy. He has successfully guided the law firms representing the victims of the FIU Bridge collapse in Miami, FL, one of the most challenging catastrophic bridge failures in the USA. His Clients include WSP, Vinci, the Lloyd’s of London, Morgan & Morgan, and the Departments of Transportation of Florida and Minnesota.

International expert of mechanized bridge construction and the incremental launching method, Dr. Rosignoli has written 4 best-selling bridge engineering books published worldwide by ASCE Press and ICE Publishing, the most prestigious international publishers of information for bridge engineering. He has also authored 16 bridge engineering e-books, Chapter 6.37.40 Bridge Erection Machines in the UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, 3 book chapters, 90 peer-reviewed publications, and thousands of posts, articles, comments and interviews on social media.

Besides his primary activity as a freelance bridge consultant, Dr. Rosignoli is renowned worldwide for his educational activity. Bridge engineering professionals in 47 countries on 4 continents rely on his Bridge Engineering eManuals to master the business-driving arena of the industry and stay ahead of the game with clients, competitors and colleagues. His website has become the learning hub of the bridge community. His Bridge Club welcomed 43.000 new visits just in the last year. BridgeTech World, his LinkedIn forum, enjoys the participation of over 10.000 fellow members from every corner of the world. Over 27.000 bridge professionals follow Dr. Rosignoli in LinkedIn, and his Newsletter reaches 18.000 subscribers worldwide. He cooperates with ACI, ASBI, ASCE, IABSE, ICE and PCI and teaches 5 courses (1 and 2 days) of modern bridge design and construction technology for the American Society of Civil Engineer’s Continuing Education Program and on-demand in the offices of bridge owners, designers and constructors.

Dr. Rosignoli lives in Tampa, FL (USA) and provides the following services as a freelance consultant:

  • Forensic bridge engineering and subject-matter expert services
  • Design review of complex bridges, bridge construction machines, and their interactions
  • Challenging bridge teams for competitive pre- and post-award designs of modern bridges
  • Training of bridge owners, designers and constructors in modern bridge design and construction technology

For detailed information on Dr. Rosignoli’s professional background, activities and independent research, feel free to explore the hyperlinks below. For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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