The Bridge Industry

the Bridge Industry

BridgeTech is a unique portal of knowledge & learning for bridge engineers. We offer courses, books and eManuals to clients in 46 countries on five continents, and we provide key educational services:

  • Articles in the Bridge Club (43000 new visits just in the last year).
  • Daily posts in LinkedIn (24000 followers), Facebook and Twitter.
  • Articles and discussions in our LinkedIn forum BridgeTech World (8500 members).
  • Standard (bi-weekly) and Special Editions of our Newsletter (18000 subscribers in every corner of the world).

BridgeTech, in other words, is a vibrant learning hub with a huge following of bridge owners, designers and constructors.

We are now populating the Bridge Industry, the virtual tradeshow of the bridge community, accessible for free from every corner of the world. Rich, interactive eBooths display products and services of 2000 international protagonists of the industry to well over 50000 bridge owners, designers and construction professionals. Sixty-one collections are currently available:

  1. Accelerated Construction
  2. Access Systems
  3. Advanced Reinforcement Systems
  4. Architects
  5. Architectural Lighting
  6. Associations
  7. Bearings, Joints, Seismic Devices
  8. Books
  9. Cables and Ropes
  10. CAD Drawing Tools
  11. Chemicals, Grouts, Epoxies
  12. Construction Engineers
  13. Corrosion Protection
  14. Cost Estimating Tools
  15. Deck Drainage
  16. Deck Waterproofing
  17. Demolition and Dismantling
  18. Designers
  19. Earth Retention and Stabilization
  20. Environmental Consultants
  21. Forensic Consultants
  22. Forms, Falsework, Shoring
  23. General Contractors
  24. General Engineering Consultants
  25. Geotechnical Consultants
  26. Hydraulics and Hydrology
  27. Information Modeling (BIM)
  28. Inspection Engineers and Tools
  29. Intelligent Transportation Systems
  30. Journals
  31. Lifting, Lowering, Shifting, SPMT
  32. Material Engineers
  33. Modular and Temporary Bridges
  34. Molds and Casting Cells
  35. Movable Bridges
  36. Noise Control
  37. Operations and Maintenance
  38. Owners and Concessionaires
  39. Pedestrian Bridges
  40. Planning and Project Delivery
  41. Post-Tensioning
  42. Precast Elements and Systems
  43. Quality Management
  44. Railing
  45. Recruitment
  46. Renderings and Animations
  47. Repair and Retrofitting
  48. Research and Education
  49. Risk Management
  50. Signature Projects
  51. Special Concretes
  52. Special Construction Equipment
  53. Steel Bridges
  54. Steel Castings
  55. Structural Analysis Programs
  56. Structural Health Monitoring
  57. Surveying, Mapping, GIS
  58. Test Engineers and Tools
  59. Timber Bridges
  60. Wearing Surfaces
  61. Wind Tunnel Testing

We showcase the Bridge Industry on our homepage for immediate access to our clients’ eBooths. Multiple daily posts in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter drive traffic to our clients’ eBooths, and Special Editions of the Newsletter drive traffic to our clients’ websites.

So, wouldn't you like to open your own eBooth in the Bridge Industry? Do not hesitate to contact us. We offer three scalable annual plans integrated with key educational services for our huge following of bridge owners, designers and construction professionals. Access to all of this information is unrestricted, and totally free.


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BridgeTech offers books, eManuals, and a rich collection of exclusive articles and free publications on modern bridge design and construction technology. The courses (1 and 2 days) that Dr. Rosignoli teaches for the ASCE Continuing Education Program and on-demand in the offices of bridge owners, designers and constructors are true learning experiences to train bridge teams in industry-driving topics while meeting continuing education objectives. Enjoy our research and development work and the wealth of knowledge, learning and insights that it can bring to your firm, agency and professional career.

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