The Bridge Club: Knowledge & Learning for the Bridge Community

The Bridge Club: knowledge and learning for the bridge community

Thousands of educators, researchers, firms, agencies and practitioners publish articles of bridge engineering on journals and conference proceedings and prepare posters and presentations for conferences. After a short life span – a couple of weeks for a journal, a couple of days for a conference – all of this work is mostly forgotten. Journals gather dust on the shelves of office archives; posters and presentations are soon left behind. This is, so to say, the offer.

The demand for professional information of bridge engineering is huge. Many educational programs are too generic to provide professional preparation; others are technically obsolete – not to mention the huge lack of information on modern bridge design and construction technology. The annual fee of professional associations and technical journals may be prohibitive for young engineers in emerging countries. On the demand side, therefore, most of this knowledge and learning is basically unreachable.

The Bridge Club fills the gap between demand and offer. Most journals and professional associations allow free distribution of published papers by their authors for educational purposes; others only require an email authorization, so the publisher’s copyright is rarely a problem. The real problem is how to spread all of this knowledge organically. This is the rationale, mission and value of the Bridge Club.

Sharing publications in the Bridge Club is free of charge for educators and practitioners, while we apply a one-time fee of 300 US dollars for commercial publications to sustain the initiative financially. Access to the Bridge Club is free of any charge for the bridge community. The Bridge Club is a reliable reference, accessible 24/7 in every corner of the world – and as to its visibility, it has received 43.000 new visits just in the last year.

Sharing publications in the Bridge Club is extremely easy. All we need is:

  • A written authorization by the original publisher of the article. Just forward an OK email: we do not want to breach copyrights.
  • Title for the Bridge Club webpage (max. 65 characters including spaces).
  • Thumbnail for the Bridge Club webpage (800x437px., jpg or png).
  • Excerpt for the Bridge Club webpage (max. 180 characters including spaces).
  • Text article (unformatted text of any length with embedded hyperlinks; no embedded images or tables) introducing the publication.
  • Downloadable material (PDF file of the publication, or hyperlink to the storage folder if the publication is stored elsewhere).

Sharing publications in the Bridge Club is only the first step. We post updates about our publications on the BridgeTech Webpage in LinkedIn, and everybody is free (and welcome) to share our updates with LinkedIn groups and hashtags, websites, newsletters, blogs, and the entire bridge community. Your publications, and your commitment to continuing education, will have extreme visibility in every corner of the world.

As you see, it is a win-win situation, so don’t hesitate to contact us to share your first article in the Bridge Club.


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