Bridge Launching, 2nd Edition (2014, ICE Publishing)

Bridge Launching, second edition by Marco Rosignoli

Bridge Launching comprehensively describes the design and construction of prestressed concrete, steel, composite, and prestressed composite bridges built by incremental launching. Offering explanations of both the theoretical and the technological aspects of the construction process, Bridge Launching illustrates worldwide case studies with photographs, sketches and diagrams of state-of-the-art structures.

Analyzing beam bridges, arch bridges and cable-stayed bridges, the second edition of Bridge Launching outlines key methods for the structural analysis of launched bridges, and provides best practice advice to address time-dependent effects and the buckling of steel girders. Bridge design and construction are thoroughly explored, together with special launch bearings and systems, nose-deck interaction, the loading of temporary and permanent piers, field monitoring, and data acquisition techniques. Process simulation techniques for optimization of deck casting are also covered.

The new edition of Bridge Launching:

  • Compares the various methods of construction for medium-span bridges, including self-launching gantry erection of precast segments and span-by-span casting with movable scaffolding systems
  • Illustrates the casting processes of prestressed-concrete bridges and various alternatives of deck segmentation
  • Discusses the effects of the time-dependent behavior of materials on bridge launching
  • Provides thorough information on the launch of different girder systems of composite bridges
  • Presents state-of-the-art information on the design of prestressed-composite box girders with steel corrugated-plate webs.

An essential guide for bridge owners, designers, equipment manufacturers and construction professionals, as well as for students and academics involved with advanced bridge engineering courses, the second edition of Bridge Launching is the textbook of three on-site classes that I teach in the offices of bridge owners, designers and constructors:

The eManuals of BridgeTech project further expand the discussion to provide exhaustive coverage of the topic.


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