Bridge Construction Equipment (2013, ICE Publishing)

bridge construction equipment

Design, fabrication, operations, performance, productivity, structure-equipment interactions and industry trends of special construction equipment are discussed in a comprehensive manual on new and emerging bridge construction technology and modern construction methods – Bridge Construction Equipment (488 pages), ICE Publishing, ISBN 9780727758088,

Bridge construction equipment is becoming increasingly more complex and sophisticated. With extensive illustrations, the book explores configurations and operations for every family of special equipment – beam launchers and shifters, lifting frames, self-launching gantries, movable scaffolding systems, form travelers, forming carriages, SPMTs, tire trolleys, telescopic launchers and portal carriers with underbridge. Each chapter also includes extensive coverage of deck fabrication.

Design-oriented chapters provide guidance on prevention of human error, design for robustness and redundancy, modelling and numerical analysis, instability and prevention of progressive collapse, and repairs and reconditioning of second-hand machines. Management-oriented chapters describe procurement, fabrication and commissioning of special equipment. An outline of technical specifications is provided for easy adaptation to specific cases. A chapter on forensics illustrates functional and structural failures of special equipment.

Addressing the needs of bridge designers and constructors, equipment manufacturers, resident engineers, inspectors and safety planners, as well as bridge owners, academics and forensics, Bridge Construction Equipment delivers solid professional guidance for the use of special equipment during each stage of the bridge construction process.

The book is an excellent technical resource for bridge professionals and the textbook of three classes that I teach in the offices of bridge owners, designers and constructors:

The eManuals of BridgeTech expand the discussion in depth and breadth from Bridge Construction Equipment to provide exhaustive coverage of the topic.


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