Boost Your Visibility, Collaborate with BridgeTech

Boost your visibility: cooperate with BridgeTech

In the social media era, a successful professional must be visible. With time, sustained visibility becomes credibility. Whether you design or construct bridges or supply materials, technology and services, social media provide an unprecedented occasion to create your own network of connections and followers – and ultimately your own clients or employers.

However, being visible requires having something to say. That may not be an issue for a navigated professional, but it may be hard for a young engineer or an engineering student. So, how can you boost your visibility when fresh from university, or when migrating from other engineering specialties?

You might volunteer a few minutes of your time and collaborate with BridgeTech. We offer a robust program of continuing education for bridge professionals, our following amply exceeds 50.000 bridge owners, designers and constructors in every corner of the world, and anybody among our followers might be your next employer or client. So, here is what you might consider to do:

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile. If you have no bridge engineering experience, talk of your potential and ambitions. Explain why an employer should hire you instead of the next applicant.
  2. Study the exclusive articles and free publications in the Bridge Club to learn terminology and about major bridge engineering topics. Enjoy our eManuals if you want to further deepen your background.
  3. Explore our LinkedIn Page and enjoy dozens of posts on modern bridge design and construction technology: they are all for free as well.
  4. Among the posts on our LinkedIn Page, choose a topic that you like. As you will see, the choice is really broad.
  5. Add comments to our post to stimulate the conversation. Be technical: if you do not know what to say, make technical questions. The more technical your comments, the higher the chances to get responses and to create your own network of connections.
  6. Click the “Share” link in the last row of our post (under the image) and fill out the top box of the next window to introduce your share. Again, be technical: your words will be visible to the entire bridge community.
  7. Choose the right audience for your shares: LinkedIn groups, your LinkedIn connections, the entire LinkedIn community, or all of them.

Two or three shares per week is a realistic target that will take you only a few minutes. Let us know of your shares for us to add comments and energize your discussions, and keep a record of your shares. Every 50 shares we’ll gladly write you a letter endorsing your support to our program of knowledge & learning.

Not sure about the most interesting LinkedIn groups to share our posts with? Here are some possibilities:

  • American Concrete Institute
  • American Institute of Steel Construction
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Bridge Engineers
  • Bridges and Civil Structures
  • BridgeTech World
  • Civil/Structural Engineering Network
  • Design-Build Institute of America
  • Engineers Australia
  • Highway and Bridge Construction Engineers
  • IABSE Discussion Group
  • Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Precast Concrete
  • Structural Engineers
  • The Institution of Structural Engineers

Sharing our posts will boost your visibility and highlight your commitment to continuing education. Our letters will be additional endorsements for your LinkedIn profile and professional resume.


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