BridgeTech is a vibrant learning hub for the bridge community. Our courses, books and eManuals reach clients in 46 countries on five continents. Our educational services include the Bridge Club, our forum BridgeTech World (8000 members), a Newsletter with 18000 subscribers, and the Bridge Industry, the virtual tradeshow of the bridge community. Our following amply exceeds 50000 bridge owners, designers and construction professionals.

Primary Activities

The bridge industry is moving toward mechanized construction. If you want to excel as a bridge designer, to become the means & methods guru in your agency, firm or organization; or to prepare your students for the trans-disciplinary nature of modern bridge engineering, you need a solid background in bridge construction technology.

  • Bridge owners make technology decisions within design-bid-build projects and score the quality, durability and lifecycle cost of design-build proposals.
  • Bridge designers explore new and emerging technology and modern construction methods throughout the process from teaming interview and value engineering to the pre- and post-award design.
  • Bridge constructors increase win rate and profitability and mitigate risk with technology that saves costs, shortens project duration and improves safety and quality.
  • Bridge educators acquire feedback on modern construction technology to prepare new generations of bridge engineers for the challenges of our profession.
  • Suppliers of materials, technology and services develop trans-disciplinary culture to interact with other business lines of the industry and explore commercial synergies.

BridgeTech offers a unique program of continuing education for bridge engineers. It includes on-site courses (1 and 2 days), books, eManuals, a Bridge Club hosting a rich collection of exclusive articles and free publications, and a Newsletter that reaches 18000 bridge engineers in every corner of the world. BridgeTech World, our LinkedIn forum, enjoys the participation of 8000 fellow members.

BridgeTech also hosts the Bridge Industry, a searchable collection of articles, images, downloadable documents, special hyperlinks and contact info of 2000 selected bridge owners, designers, constructors, educators and providers of materials, technology and services. Access to the Bridge Club, the Bridge Industry and the Newsletter is totally free.

Led by a renowned bridge engineer and researcher with 37 years of professional experience in 21 countries, the audience of BridgeTech amply exceeds 50000 bridge owners, designers and construction professionals.

Recent Articles in the Bridge Club

The Bridge Club hosts a rich collection of exclusive articles and free publications. Would you like to present your best publications to the bridge community? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Incremental Launching of Cable-Stayed
discusses pros and cons of incremental launching construction with temporary piers versus balanced-cantilever construction from the pylons.
 incremental launching of cable-stayed bridges
Lights and Shadows of Mechanized Bridge Construction illustrates the complexity of
new-generation bridge construction
machines and the need for adequate
technical culture in all parties involved.
lights and shadows of mechanized bridge construction
Construction Cost of a Bridge Deck explores the cost components of a bridge deck and
the parameters that influence the competitiveness of bridge design and project organization.
 construction cost of a bridge deck

On-Demand Training

Five face-to-face courses (1 and 2 days in the offices of bridge owners, designers and constructors) deliver state-of-the-art knowledge & learning on modern bridge design and construction technology. Interested in any course? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Mechanized Bridge Construction (2-day face-to-face class)
Launched Bridges (2-day face-to-face class)
Precast Segmental Bridges (1-day face-to-face class)
Movable Scaffolding Systems (1-day face-to-face class)
Launched Bridges (1-day face-to-face class)

The courses that Dr. Rosignoli teaches on-site for the Continuing Education Program of the American Society of Civil Engineers are true learning experiences to train bridge teams in state-of-the-art topics while meeting continuing education objectives.


Contact Information

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the eManuals Project

The collection the eManuals Project includes 15 eManuals, three design spreadsheets and one analysis tool for the construction cost of precast segmental bridges.

the Bridge Engineering eManuals Project

The collection is offered with 20% discount on the cover price of the individual eManuals.

Additional eManuals

Introduction to Mechanized Bridge Construction (44 pages), our bestselling eManual, has been sold in 40 countries on five continents.

Construction Cost of Precast Segmental Bridges (134 pages and companion spreadsheet) explains the cost structure of precast segmental bridges. The spreadsheet includes 1004 cost items for accurate analysis of costs, risks and opportunities.

Control of Construction Stresses in Launched Bridges (23 pages and companion spreadsheet) explores a closed-form analytical model for control of self-weight bending and shear in launched bridges and the use of customized parametric design charts.

Span-by-Span Construction of Precast Segmental Bridges (134 pages) explores bridge design for modularity, segment fabrication, geometry control, the design of post-tensioning, and the loads, kinematics, performance, productivity and stiffness interactions of the different types of self-launching gantries.

BridgeTech World in LinkedIn

BridgeTech World, the most vibrant bridge engineering forum in LinkedIn, enjoys the participation of thousands of bridge owners, designers and construction professionals.

BridgeTech World in LinkedIn

Do not hesitate to apply for membership: it is totally free.


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The Bridge Club and the Bridge Industry offer a rich collection of exclusive articles and free publications. The articles below are a selection for further reading on the topic.

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