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mageba is a world leading supplier of structural bearings, expansion joints and other high-quality products and services for bridges and buildings. In the last 10 years, mageba has expanded its range of products and services to include solutions relating to seismic protection and structural health monitoring.

Primary Activities

mageba was established in 1963 and today has more than 900 employees worldwide, more than 150 of which are engineers. We are key players in the field of structural bearings, expansion joints, structural health monitoring, and seismic protection.

mageba has a strong global network with 17 subsidiaries, 7 licensees, and agents in more than 50 countries. Since its establishment, mageba has equipped over 20.000 bridges with high-quality products, in every corner of the world.

Our quality management system is certified ISO 9001 and in force since 1991 – the first in the industry. Experienced quality specialists, welding engineers (IWE/CWI) and certified inspectors in all manufacturing facilities assure strict quality control throughout all stages of design, fabrication and delivery of our products, worldwide.

We offer a wide range of structural bearings for prestressed-concrete and steel bridges: pot bearings, spherical bearings, elastomeric bearings, as well as linear, lifting and pendulum bearings.

We also produce multiple types of expansion joints: single gap joints, modular joints, cantilever joints, sliding finger joints, railway joints, sliding plate joints, and flexible plug joints. And by the way, the modular expansion joint was invented by mageba several decades ago.

In the field of anti-seismic devices, mageba is second to none. We offer hydraulic dampers, shock transmission units, preloaded spring dampers, friction pendulum bearings, rubber isolators, and fuse-boxes for expansion joints.

We are also specializing in designing and supplying reliable solutions for structural protection. Our health monitoring systems provide real-time information on forces, movements, vibrations, crack widths, temperature and other features.


Our bearings, expansion joints and anti-seismic devices are the benchmark of the industry. mageba’s elastomeric bearings have been used in thousands of applications and may be equipped with sliding systems, movement restrainers and modular anchor plates.

Our shock absorbers can provide over 30% of extra damping and may be combined with various seismic isolation systems (lead-rubber bearings, high-damping rubber bearings, friction pendulum systems, etc.) to further reduce response loads and to control displacements.

Our expansion joints include modular joint systems enabling displacements well beyond 2000mm and state-of-the-art flexible-plug joints that offer unrivalled driver comfort, no noise emission and lane-by-lane installation.

Structural bearings that master loads and displacements. Our LASTO®BLOCK elastomeric bearings provide linear-elastic
load transfer between structural elements subject to relative movements and rotations.
mageba structural bearings – mastering loads and movements
Anti-seismic devices for reliable structural protection. Our RESTON®SA shock
absorbers allow low-friction movements in service conditions and provide displacement control and energy dissipation during high-speed seismic movements.
anti-seismic devices for reliable protection of structures
Modular expansion joints: the benchmark for large movement demands. In our TENSA®MODULAR joints, horizontal lamella beams divide the expansion gap at the end
of the deck into multiple smaller gaps. This enables movements well beyond 2000 mm
and facilitates rotations about every axis.
Mageba modular expansion joints: the benchmark for large movements
Flexible-plug expansion joint: the new generation. Our POLYFLEX®ADVANCED joints use a durable elastic material with a
huge tear resistance and low reaction forces. This expansion joint system offers extreme adaptability to a variety of design
Mageba modular expansion joints: the benchmark for large movements

A design program is freely available at to dimension the LASTO®BLOCK bearings for your project. The user can choose from various design standards and can generate design reports and bearing drawings in PDF format.

Signature Projects, Worldwide

Here are some of our most challenging projects.

carousel #1
Köhlbrand Bridge (Germany): TENSA®MODULAR LR8 with QUICK-EX System
carousel #2
Tappan Zee Bridge (USA): RESTON®STU shock transmission units
carousel #3
Queensferry Crossing (UK): RESTON®SPHERICAL spherical bearings
carousel #4
Leifers Tunnel (Italy): TENSA®FINGER RSFD
carousel #5
Angus L. Macdonald Bridge (USA): ROBO®CONTROL automated
monitoring system and TENSA®MODULAR expansion joints
carousel #6
Chenab Railway Bridge (India): LASTO®BLOCK elastomeric bearings
carousel #7
Hålogaland Bridge (Norway): TENSA®MODULAR Expansion Joint LR17, RESTON®
FORCE Horizontal Bearings and RESTON®STU Shock Transmission Units
carousel #8
Incheon Bridge (China): TENSA®MODULAR expansion
joints and ROBO®CONTROL Monitoring System
carousel #9
Audubon Bridge (USA): TENSA®FINGER joints of types GF and RSFD
carousel #10
Ohio River Bridges (USA): RESTON®DISC disc
bearings and LASTO®BLOCK elastomeric bearings

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Company Profile

Enjoy our brochure Engineering Connections Since 1963. It describes our history, our lines of products, our ISO 9001-certified quality assurance system, and our worldwide organization.

engineering connections since 1963

For more detailed information on our lines of products, please refer to the Brochures section of this page.

Project References – North America

This brochure illustrates our most recent projects in the USA and Canada.

engineering connections since 1963

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